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Tips for boosting immunity right now.

How I changed my lifestyle to be as healthy as possible while fighting cancer and you can implement now to protect yourself and others around you!

When I found out I had cancer my Immediate reaction was to find out how I could change my lifestyle to put all the chances on my side.... after hours of research, these are the things I changed and you can too, to boost your immune system.

  1. Movement/ Yoga: Some days I found it hard to even get out of bed after chemo but movement was so important to me! I would make a point of getting up, maybe a walk around the garden or a Yoga session! Yoga was such a great way to keep moving mindfully. It can be slow and mindful or faster and stronger. But the point is I moved daily! I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping moving even when you don’t feel like it, just move and notice how you feel after!

  2. Meditation: calm the mind, staying in a fight or flight state, stressed about work, the current situation or anything you are going through will not help your immunity and will most likely contribute to lowering it. So meditation was key for me during that time and still is today! Even just 5 minutes to come back to the present moment to slow down the breath and feel peace will boost your immune system and help it fire up.

  3. Healthy eating: I started eating less meat and gave up dairy altogether. I started planning meals around vegetables and not meat, making sure I got all the nutrients I needed to stay strong and healthy. Now I'm not suggesting you change your whole diet right now but start planning a meal around nutrient-dense foods that will help you boost your immunity! I am now fully vegan and have been for 3 years and feel amazing for it.

  4. Breathing: That goes with yoga and meditation but a bigger breath, slower breath and calming the breath calms your nervous system and will help for sure!

  5. Listen to your body! I rested when I felt exhausted. I notice that when my body is really exhausted I do tend to end up feeling ill if I push through it. So I stop, cancel events and rest! Take time for yourself to reboot. Don't ignore your body's signals! Listen to your body!

  6. Hot water, lemon, and honey is a go too on most days! Staying hydrated and flushing out toxins and the lot… Lots of water in the day too to just stay hydrated and flush out the chemicals inside me was so important.

These are some of my top ones….They worked well for me during my fight against cancer and still work for me today!

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19, I will be offering in the next few days, online yoga classes on Zoom ( similar to skype ) ! I will be focusing on classes for boosting the immunity next week. Come online with me and let’s get together online and stay strong together both inside and out. If you would like to know more please send me your email or direct message me for more information. I will have information up on my website soon and will send out the schedule as soon as possible. If you have any requests for classes, days or times don’t hesitate to let me know. If you have been taking classes with me and would like to keep practising join me online and let's keep the community strong and healthy together! If you are overseas and would like to start practising with me weekly join in the fun and let’s flow together!

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