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Private yoga classes

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Cours privé yoga lausanne

Your personalised, convenient private yoga program takes place in the comfort of your own home, with a weekly appointment at the perfect time for you.

These private yoga classes given between Coppet, Morges and Lausanne are given by Carolyn Brown, the founder of Passport to Balance. Carolyn specialised in private yoga after realising the need and benefits for quality in home yoga lessons amongst sport enthusiasts and busy professionals. Carolyn teaches LYT yoga, the only yoga created by a physiotherapist and specialises in private sessions for individuals and couples.


Over the years Carolyn has worked with many different students.

  • Athletes from triathletes to kiteboarder’s, for professionals and amateurs to add movement variety and strength ans mobility to the training.

  • Busy professionals bringing functional mouvement into their week, as well as many more wonderful clients.


Carolyn is pleased to create the space and time for you to enjoy yoga with functional mouvement and breath work to go back to your routine feeling refreshed, energised and put together.

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