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LYT Yoga teacher Switzerland

Hello there!

I'm Carolyn - athlete, traveller, and professional yoga teacher. I practice LYT yoga - the only physiotherapy-led yoga out there. This is yoga with a purpose:
- yoga to boost your movement,
- to re-align your body,
- to feel-good,
- to move better,
- to breathe better,
- to recuperate better,

I coach to all levels, and offer private classes to really focus in on you and your needs, corporate classes to get your organisation moving better and online series. Get in touch for more information!

About me - Carolyn Brown BA (Oxford Brookes), MSc (Université de Lausanne)

I'm a water baby. I grew up beside Lac Léman and have a deep love for the water and for snow sports. In the summer you'll find me on (and in) the lake. In the winter you'll see me on the pistes.

I was on the corporate path until my life was turned upside down in late 2016. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and had to have immediate, agressive treatment. I decided then that I was going to fight and beat the cancer, and when I had I would live life to the full again.

I was determined to stay strong physically and mentally. Yoga kept me grounded: on slow days it got my body moving; on hard days meditation and mindfulness kept me calm and focused.

Four months after my final treatment, and I was traveling the world. I discovered LYT on a yoga teacher training in Aruba in late 2017, and have never looked back. I kept traveling and taught all around the world, learning from the best as I went.

Since coming back to Switzerland, I have done over 800 hours of further training, and now regularly mentor on LYT teacher-training programmes to teachers across the globe.

Although I specialise in yoga for sports and athletes, I love working with people from all walks of life. We focus on mobility, posture and breathing with a strong emphasis on understanding how the body moves.

I have benefitted hugely from yoga, and now look forward to sharing everything I have learnt with you too!

Meet Carolyn: About Me
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