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The classic 4 degree-of-freedom robotic arm is inspired by industrial robots commonly used in factories around the world. The kit is great for any maker space, college students, high school students, or learning centers. You can use Arduino, HERO, 51 single chip, model remote control, etc. to control the robotic arm.

NHRL is the world's most competitive and accessible combat robotics league. Builders design and construct remote-controlled machines and fight them head-to-head in one of our eight arenas. We host a series of tournaments throughout the year, attended in-person and streamed online to tens of thousands of fans. Anyone can bring a robot: Registration for each tournament is free and open to the public.

Life was peaceful in the land of retro games. One day, evil robots from other worlds attacked! They wanted to steal all the jewels from the old games. To keep all the diamonds, coins, stars or other gems from the old games, someone has to run them down and collect everything before they are taken! The hero that can do this is a nice little Robot. Equipped with a jetpack that is fast enough to collect everything before these evil robots do. Go from planet to planet, from game to game, and keep all these gems. Watch out for obstacles and avoid overheating your jetpack!

Robot Jet Action is a classic arcade-style platform game for the Commodore 64/128. The game was created as part of the Commodore computer enthusiast portal - In the game, the player controls a small robot with a joystick. Use the fire button to activate the jetpack, by holding down the fire button, the Robot flies higher and higher.

Like I said, I love the game, and I'm definitely going to be playing this for while. Great graphics, music, controls, and gameplay. If I had to gripe (apart from the time-consuming lives thing), I would say this. (a) Your robot feels like a snail. Does he have lead boots or something (b) Some of the hazards are too hard to see at first. Once you've learned a level, you know where they are, so it doesn't matter so much. But initially, it's extremely frustrating to die because you brushed past a spike that's barely visible or blended into the background, or fall through a platform that you can't stand on (despite it initially looking like you can stand on it). These are cheap deaths, and it's very easy to lose all your lives in short order because of this and have to return all the way back to the start of the world, making it take longer and longer to learn the level that's giving you problems. Arrrrrrgh. But this complaint would be pretty much erased if you provided a level practice feature. (c) This is hands down the most annoying thing for me: Why the heck do you die just because you bump into the ceiling Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, so dumb. I hate it when games do cheap stuff like that.

This website is the entry point to the ressources of the Open Dynamic Robot Initiative. This project originated in an effort to build a low cost and low complexity actuator module using brushless motors that can be used to build different types of torque controlled robots with mostly 3D printed and off-the-shelves components. This module, and extensions, can be used to build legged robots or manipulators. A paper describing the actuator module and the quadruped design can be found here. A paper describing the TriFinger Manipulator Platform and real-time reinforcement learning experiments can be found here.

Prodotto dalla 20th Century Fox, il titolo è ispirato all'antologia Io, robot dello scrittore di fantascienza Isaac Asimov, in cui vengono descritte le Tre leggi della robotica, che nel film regolano il rapporto tra uomini e robot. Tuttavia, ogni altro aspetto della concezione robotica di Asimov è stato liberamente reinterpretato.

Anno 2035, Chicago. I robot positronici ormai sono diventati un articolo domestico come un altro, alla portata di tutti e in tutte le case, e il mondo aspetta l'arrivo sul mercato dei nuovis

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