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Maltego License


If you are using your Maltego client license on a machine that is frequently being re-imaged, you should rather do an offline activation. Offline activation will create a license file which can be used to activate multiple times. (Provided it is only used on the machine that created it)

You can create a license file by choosing the "Activate without Internet" in the Product Selection window from within the Maltego client when it is run for the first time after installation and then follow the on screen instructions.

All editions of Maltego (Maltego One, XL, Classic, CE, and Casefile) run from the same installation, and this initial selection allows you to select which license type you will be using. The version of Maltego selected can be changed at any time.

After entering your license key, click Next. The Client will check whether the license key entered is valid. Should the license be valid, the product will be activated and the following screen will be displayed:

When prompted, enter the 26-digit license key that you purchased. After entering your key and clicking Next you will be presented with a page that provides a License Request blob and a link to the activation website.

Copying your License Request blob into the website form and clicking the Generate Key will create a license file (maltego.lic) that will be downloaded by your web browser. You can then return to the activation wizard in the Maltego Client and upload the new license file.

All plans include licenses to the Maltego Desktop Client, collaboration functionalities and Standard Transforms. These plans also offer exclusive access to Pro and Enterprise data integrations, a range of support services and access to on-demand courses and live training formats.

As an existing Maltego Classic or XL user, you can continue to use your license without interruption until the end of the subscription. Maltego might reach out to you and ask you to switch to a new plan. At the latest, you will be asked upon renewal to switch to one of our plans in order to continue using the Maltego Desktop Client commercially.

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