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Al Qunut By Sudais.pdfl [BETTER]


Al Qunut By Sudais.pdf: A Collection of Prayers for Witr

Al Qunut By Sudais.pdf is a document that contains the text and audio of the du'a al-qunut, which is a supplication recited in the last rak'ah of Witr prayer. Witr prayer is a voluntary prayer performed at night after Isha prayer and before Fajr prayer. The du'a al-qunut is a special invocation that seeks Allah's protection, guidance, forgiveness and mercy.

The document features the recitation of Sheikh Abdul Rahman As-Sudais, who is one of the imams of the Grand Mosque in Makkah. He is known for his melodious voice and his mastery of the Qur'an. The document also provides the Arabic text, the transliteration and the translation of the du'a al-qunut in English.

The du'a al-qunut consists of several verses that praise Allah, acknowledge His oneness and sovereignty, seek His help against the enemies and oppressors, ask for His blessings and forgiveness for the believers, and implore Him to grant victory to Islam and Muslims. The du'a al-qunut can be recited with slight variations according to different schools of thought or personal preferences.

Al Qunut By Sudais.pdf is a valuable resource for Muslims who want to learn and memorize the du'a al-qunut, as well as listen to its beautiful recitation by Sheikh As-Sudais. It can also help non-Muslims to understand the meaning and significance of this supplication in Islam.Benefits of Dua Al Qunoot

Dua Al Qunoot is not only a supplication for Witr prayer, but also a means of strengthening our relationship with Allah SWT. By reciting this dua, we can express our gratitude, hope, trust and dependence on Allah SWT in every situation. There are many benefits of Dua Al Qunoot that we can attain in this world and the hereafter, such as:

It helps us to humble ourselves before Allah SWT and acknowledge His power and wisdom over everything[^1^] [^3^].

It keeps our hearts full of hope and optimism, as we ask Allah SWT to guide us, protect us, bless us and forgive us[^1^] [^3^].

It increases our interest and devotion in Salah, as we recite it with concentration and sincerity[^1^] [^3^].

It fulfills our wishes and dreams, as we ask Allah SWT to grant us what is good for us in this life and the next[^1^].

It brings prosperity and blessings to our income, as we ask Allah SWT to bless what He has given us[^1^].

It saves us from the evil of what He has decreed, as we seek refuge in Him from the trials and tribulations of this world[^2^].

It grants us victory over our enemies and oppressors, as we ask Allah SWT to support Islam and Muslims[^2^].

It earns us mercy and forgiveness of sins, as we repent to Allah SWT and ask for His pardon[^4^].

Dua Al Qunoot is a powerful and comprehensive dua that covers all our needs and concerns. We should recite it regularly and sincerely, especially in Witr prayer, to attain its benefits and rewards. May Allah SWT accept our dua and grant us His mercy. Ameen. 9160f4acd4

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