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glee often makes allusions to other shows and movies. here are some of the most clever ones. cover girl is inspired by pretty in pink, while the glee clubbers get to sing a mashup of the wizard of oz with summertime sadness. this episode goes back to the 50s, which was a decade when elvis, james dean, and marilyn monroe were the focus of attention. the results are at times funny and at times heartwarming, but the episode is more of a tribute to celebrities than a show about the high school experience. the show seems to be saying that life is short and the most important thing is to be true to yourself.

glee is not afraid to tackle controversial topics and tackle them head on. the secret of sexuality is a great example. because of the catholic dogma, the kids couldnt come out to their parents. it was a huge issue for many people in the gay community, and it was openly acknowledged by a member of the show.

glee tackles topics such as alcoholism, racism, drug addiction, and suicide. despite this, the show never becomes preachy. it is always done with humor and a positive outlook. glee is able to tackle these subjects because it has a number of strong, interesting characters and an excellent cast. the show has drawn a large fanbase from people of all ages. in glee, the second season is not a continuation of the first. it is a new season that will have its own set of challenges for the characters.

glee started as a musical and now it has become a very well-written show. the first season has a strong plot, good characters, and compelling stories. however, the show has changed a lot from the first season, starting with its content. for one, the show has no more singing and dancing than the first season. the second season has less cheerleading and has a more serious plot. glee has developed into a much more than just a singing show. the musical numbers are still there, but only the most important moments are done in song. glee has become an excellent comedy, drama, and musical show. it has evolved into a whole new thing. 3d9ccd7d82

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