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1. WHO WE ARE AND THESE TERMS OF USE. Thank you for using CashorTrade! CashorTrade is a digital platform that connects sellers and buyers of event tickets and passes (Tickets) and event-related merchandise via its website (, its mobile application(s), and/or any current or future associated platforms (collectively, the Site)

You are responsible for providing accurate, complete, and current information and disclosures about the Tickets you list, including the name of the event; event location; event date and time; section, row, and seat information; and seating-related disclosures, including, but not limited to, the following categories: limited or obstructed view; possible obstruction; wheelchair seating; wheelchair-only seating; wheelchair-accessible; alcohol-free section; behind stage (possible obstruction); side stage (possible obstruction); 21 and over only. Additionally, accurately highlight any features in your listing, such as aisle seating, parking or camping pass inclusion, etc. We may remove any listings, cancel any sales, or take other actions deemed necessary if listings are vague, confusing, inaccurate, or misleading. You are responsible for keeping all Ticket codes and barcodes hidden in your Ticket listing, and you will be solely liable if, due to your failure to hide any such codes, the Ticket does not scan for buyer at the event. Note that for Phish tickets, you must hide every code on Phish Tickets By Mail (PTBMs), including barcodes, order #s, and LivePhish codes.

You are responsible for accurately representing when you will transfer or ship the Ticket. You may list for sale Tickets that are not in your possession as of the listing date (not in hand) as long as you will have them on the transfer/ship date listed (the in-hand date). If your in-hand date changes after Ticket sale, CashorTrade reserves the right to charge you for any additional fees or expenses incurred, in addition to any other remedies it has under these Terms. You are responsible for selecting the correct Ticket delivery method for your Ticket type (electronic transfer (e-tickets), mobile/pdf, physical/hard tickets (such as tickets printed on card stock), or will-call pickup). Once your Ticket sells, you are prohibited from changing the listed delivery method. If you have physical tickets, you must upload a photo of each Ticket barcode to your message thread with the buyer after sale but prior to shipment.

C. Delivery Terms. You are responsible for ensuring timely delivery to the buyer of the Ticket via the delivery method described in your listing. CashorTrade reserves the right to charge you for any buyer refund and any additional fees or expenses incurred as a result of your failure to deliver the Ticket in a timely manner or otherwise in accordance with these Terms. You must transfer: (i) in-hand electronic/pdf Tickets immediately upon your acceptance of the buyers offer; (ii) not-in-hand electronic/pdf Tickets within 24 hours of the in-hand date identified in your listing. You must ship: (x) in-hand physical Tickets within 24 hours of accepting the buyers offer; (y) not in-hand physical Tickets within 24 hours of the in-hand date identified in your listing but in each case at least one full day prior to the event date. Delivery of physical tickets is completed when the carrier marks the package as delivered. For day of show Ticket sales, you must deliver the Ticket to the buyer within one hour of accepting the buyers offer unless the buyer requests a later delivery time. In each case you must provide acceptable evidence of timely delivery upon the buyers or CashorTrades request, which evidence consists of the following:

D. Dropped Sales; Fees for Dropped Sales. If for any reason you are unable to deliver a Ticket to the buyer by the required delivery date you must notify CashorTrade immediately, and we will give you the opportunity to deliver to the buyer a replacement Ticket of equa

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