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Keep Your Body Moving 


- Level 1: Discover the fundamentals of good movement and mobility and explore the type of yoga I teach step by step. The goal is to connect to your body, understand what certain poses are, and what you are trying to accomplish with each pose and transition!


- Level 1 + 2: These classes will be slower but will give options to increase the intensity. Flow with all the first options or challenge yourself to add an option when you feel you can. 


- Level 2 + 3: These classes will be slightly faster. Options are always given so you can adapt to your needs. Practise the whole class or stop before the stream, the option is yours. The stream works not only on increasing the challenge and good stress and demand you put on your muscles but will also get your neurons working with brain mapping repetition techniques.


- Level 3 +: This is a high-intensity interval training that will require quick, short bursts of energy to get your heart rate up and a good sweat on. This is one of the more demanding and energy-extensive movement practices you can do.


Take time for yourself

What do I offer as a  private yoga teacher?


I guide you through the details of good movement, safe practice, and optimal posture. We explore meditation and breathing techniques to suit your interests and needs. 

These are tailored yoga classes made just for you. We cover exactly what you are looking for at the speed that suits you. 

Contact me for a quote, more information and to book a class. In person and on Zoom


Corporate yoga to reset and energise

How can yoga at work help your employees?


Posture and movement are so important to have a productive day and to stay energized. Don't leak energy during your working hours, get the tools to still feel energetic at the end of every day. This method helps you keep a sharp, focused and calm mind.


From a 30 min conference room yoga in your work clothes to a sweaty 60min class. Choose what suits you for your workday. 

Send me an email to find out more and discuss further what I can offer and how I can help.



I started my yoga teaching journey in 2017 after having spent a year beating cancer. Yoga was a big part of my cancer journey helping me in many ways, both on and off the mat. It was a tool that helped me keep movement in my life and a calm and strong mind.
Today my mission is to help others discover this amazing tool that can help you in so many different ways. In my classes, I incorporate a variety of different styles of yoga that help you move in a strong and powerful way.



Vaud, Switzerland: Gland, Etoy, Morges, Ecublens,Eppalinges, Lausanne

+41 79 153 77 97

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